About Us

Mission Statement

We Enable Organisations to Fulfil the Shortage of Skilled Black Talent

We are a recruitment company that helps Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) talent to find rewarding positions within organisations. We believe in helping organisations to recruit under one umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our service is geared to support equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of their ethnicities, genders, or backgrounds. We support qualified and experienced candidates to engage with organisations that value their skills and support them within an inclusive environment.

We work closely with organisations to bring about real change in the workplace. As a team of collective industrial recruitment consultants, we specialise in temp, contract, and permanent staffing across many industries.

About Me

About Us

‘Blacks in Boardrooms’ has an important part to play in influencing change at Board and Management levels. We support organisations, across industries, to drive sustainable change around diverse recruitment, within the workplace.

At the same time, we understand that every person should be able to fulfil their full potential at work regardless of their sex, ethnicity, or circumstance. That’s why we are particular about our clients’ needs, to help them provide not only with the right staff but to also promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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