• Mission: We Enabled Organisations to Fulfil the Shortage of Skilled Black and other Minority Talents

  • Vision: We Empower Organisations to Recruit Under One Umbrella in Support of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Our Goal is to Empower Organisations with a Deeper Understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    We Enabled Organisations to Fulfil the Shortage of Skilled Black and other Minority Talents

    We are a recruitment company that helps Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) talents to find rewarding positions within organisations. We believe in helping organisations to recruit under one umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Our service is geared to support equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of their ethnicities, genders, or backgrounds. We support qualified and experienced candidates to engage with organisations that value their skills and support them within an inclusive environment.

    We work closely with organisations to bring about real change in the workplace. As a team of collective industrial recruitment consultants, we specialise in temp, contract, and permanent staffing across many industries.

    About Us

    Blacks in Boardrooms has an important part to play in influencing change at Board and Management levels. We support organisations, across industries, to drive sustainable change around diverse recruitment, within the workplace.

    At the same time, we understand that every person should be able to fulfil their full potential at work regardless of their sex, ethnicity, or circumstance. That’s why we are particular about our clients’ needs, to help them provide not only with the right staff but to also promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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    Our Clients

    Our team of staff helps your organisation to drive real change and to become a leading agent of change in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We work with our clients to understand budgets and timelines, in order to support a seamless process.

    Using our service, clients can expect to access candidates with the right skills and experience to increase results across organisational operations, at all levels. Our services will increase your ability to work with skilled staff from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities.

    Magdalene Adenaike Managing Director

    I cannot recommend Blacks In Boardrooms enough. The passion, drive and tenacity to ensure that diversity is recognised in boardrooms are clearly evident amongst the team. I am very encouraged by their work and work ethics and encourage more inclusions on board.

    Shelly Camden Health Care Manager

    Blacks in Boardrooms helped me find a great candidate for our other care homes in no time and managed the entire process in a really professional way when I was a manager at the branch. I highly recommend their swift recruitment process.

    Calvin Cowell Senior Manager

    "My experience of Blacks in Boardrooms was super easy. They are efficient, professional, and if like me, you expect a quality candidate YESTERDAY, you’re in the right place."

    Katie Bentley H.R Manager

    In the course of my time recruiting staff at all levels of the business, I have found Blacks in Boardrooms to be professional, diligent and thorough. Their level of understanding and efficiency has been second to none, and they’re one of the forward thinking recruitment companies that I have ever dealt with. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their service to anyone, from any industry.

    Ms. Bangs Senior Nurse

    “Blacks in Boardrooms are a fantastic bunch. Welcoming and happy to help. I recently got placed at a fantastic company and Gemma helped it happen. She fought my corner and got me a job that I’m extremely happy with, a package that’s fantastic and was really supportive through out the entire process. Highly recommend!”


      Whether you are looking for temporary, contractual, or permanent roles, finding a job can be a bit stressful, not to mention time-consuming. Having the right recruitment team on your side can help you get the job that matches your skills in your desired sector… and that is what we offer!

      Our specialised team helps you find the jobs you are looking for and guides you through the employment process. After your application, you will be assigned to a consultant who specialises in your chosen sector and will advise you through CV preparation, interview process, and assist with the final job offer.

      If you are looking for your desired job, contact our team below for further assistance.


      Our Business Activities

      We offer solutions for all your business inquiries regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

      We focus on matching candidates to the right organisations where they can develop, grow and become successful in their chosen career paths.

      Human Resources

      Our HR team is dedicated to providing skilled talents that will suit our clients' needs. We specialise in temp, contract, and permanent staffing across industries.


      Our clients are our heroes. We believe we have the responsibility to influence and support them to drive sustainable change in the workplace. At the same time, we enable them to understand the values and benefits that, diversity and inclusion bring to their organisation.


      We focus on aligning candidates to organisation where they can feel like they belong and have access to equal development and growth opportunities towards their future career development paths. 

      Diversity & Inclusion

      An equal world is an enabled world

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      Meet the Team

      Our HR team is dedicated to providing skilled talents that will suit our clients’ needs. We specialise in temp, contract, and permanent staffing across industries.

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